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Joe Cooper

Lighting Cameraman


Drone Pilot


4 x Winner Royal Television Society Award for Best Camerawork



BBC The One Show 2021

BBC CountryFile 2021


Discovery Channel Faking it: Tears of a crime 2021 (DOP)


Recent Corporate Work:


Thames Water

Insta Volt


Panorama BBC One (TV Series Documentary) (Camera - 74 episodes, 2012 – 2021)

-Who's protecting our kids 2021 DOP

-David Cameron and the missing billions 2021 DOP

-Brexit six months on 2021 DOP

-Hospital secrets uncovered 2021 DOP

-The river pollution scandal 2021 DOP

-Cashing in on Covid 2021 DOP

-Rubbish dump Britain  2021 DOP

-Boxing and the mob 2021 DOP

-100,000 Deaths 2021 DOP

-Test and Trace Exposed (2020)….(camera)

-Exposing the illegal Organ Trade (2020)….(camera)

-Hostage in Iran(2020)….(camera)

-Has Covid Testing Gone Wrong?(2020)….(camera)

-Scandal at the Post Office (2020)….(camera)

-Lockdown: How Business is Coping (2020)….(camera)

-Has the Government Failed the NHS (2020)….(camera)

-Lockdown UK (2020)…(camera)

-Britain's Killer Motorways?  (2020)…(camera)

-The Prince and the Epstein Scandal  (2019)…(camera)

- War crime scandal exposed  (2019)…(camera) 

Following the Drug Money (2019) ... (camera)

Can You Trust the Billion Pound Investors? (2019) ... (camera)

Addicted to Gambling (2019) ... (camera)

Boeing's Killer Planes (2019) ... (camera)

Undercover Hospital Abuse Scandal (2019) ... (camera)

Scandal in the Church of England (2019) ... (camera)

The Academy Schools Scandal (2019) ... (camera)

Britain's Most Controversial Landlord (2019) ... (camera)

Killed in Hospital (2019) ... (camera)

Grenfell: Who Is to Blame? (2018) ... (camera)

Gangsters' Dirty Money Exposed (2018) ... (camera)

Evicted for No Reason (2018) ... (camera)

- Get Rich or Die Young (2018)…(camera)

The Operation That Ruined My Life (2017) ... (camera)

Jihadis You Pay For (2017) ... (camera)

The Billion Pound VAT Scam (2017) ... (camera)

Britain's Offshore Secrets Exposed (2017) ... (camera)

Offshore Secrets of the Rich Exposed (2017) ... (camera)

How Safe Is Your Operation? (2017) ... (camera)

Undercover - Britain's Immigration Secrets (2017) ... (camera) Bafta Best Current Affairs Documentary 2018

Trouble at the RSPCA (2017) ... (camera)

Marine Le Pen: Who's Funding France's Far Right? (2017) ... (camera)

Life in Immigration Town (2017) ... (camera)

Behind Bars: Prison Undercover (2017) ... (camera)

Trump - The Kremlin Candidate? (2017) ... (camera)

Inside Britain's Fertility Business (2016) ... (camera)

Undercover: The Refugees Who Make Our Clothes (2016) ... (camera)

BHS: How Did It Happen? (2016) ... (camera)

Labour: Is the Party Over? (2016) ... (camera)

Sellafield's Nuclear Safety Failings (2016) ... (camera)

Britain's Missing Young People (2016) ... (camera)

Pension Rip-Offs Exposed (2016) ... (camera)

Iraq: The Final Judgement (2016) ... (camera)

Is Steel Worth Saving? (2016) ... (camera)

I'm Broken Inside: Sara's Story (2016) ... (camera)

Tax Havens of the Rich and Powerful Exposed (2016) ... (camera)

Too Poor to Stay Warm (2016) ... (camera)

Shaken Babies - What's the Truth? (2016) ... (camera)

Putin's Secret Riches (2016) ... (camera)

Teenage Prison Abuse Exposed (2016) ... (camera)

How Hackers Steal Your ID (2015) ... (camera)

Hooked on Painkillers (2015) ... (camera)

Could a Robot Do My Job? (2015) ... (camera)

Trouble at the Post Office (2015) ... (camera)

GM Food - Cultivating Fear (2015) ... (camera)

The Great Housing Benefit Scandal (2015) ... (camera)

The Bank of Tax Cheats (2015) ... (camera)

Trouble at Tesco (2015) ... (camera)

- Saville: The Power to Abuse (2014)…(camera)

Apple's Broken Promises (2014) ... (camera)

The Fake Sheikh Exposed (2014) ... (camera)

The Farage Factor (2014) ... (camera)

Bernie Ecclestone: Lies, Bribes and Formula One (2014) ... (camera)

Dying for a Bargain (2013) ... (camera)

- Cancer: Hope For Sale (2013)…(camera)

- Elderly Care: Condition Critical (2013)…(camera)

- Barclay Brothers (2012)…(camera)

- The Hospital That Stopped Caring : Winterbourne View (2012)…(camera)


Numerous other BBC 30 minute Documentaries including : 

Ponds, Pubs and Power: The Story of the Village. Milton Abbas BBC Four an BBC Two  (2018)(camera)

How the NHS Changed Our World (2018) (camera) BBC One 

The Isle of Wight Festival at 50 (2018) (camera) BBC One  (RTS Southern Region Best Documentary winner) 

Parkinsons: The Funny Side (2016) (camera) BBC One and BBC Two (Grierson AwardWinner)

Fish on the Storm: Michael Fish and the 1997 Storm (camera) BBC One

World War One at Home (2014) (camera) BBC Two




The One Show (BBC One) 2012-present (camera)

Too many to mention all, includes films with:

Dan Snow

Carrie Grant

Arthur Smith

Joe Crowley 

Angelica Bell

Jay Rayner 

Paul Mayhew-Archer

Phil Tuffnell

Michael Douglas 

Marty Jopson

Jasper Carrott


ITV Adoption Series – Wanted a Family of my Own’ with Nicky Campbell (camera)… (2014)


Sea Cities (Series BBC Two) (2016)…(camera)


BBC Inside Out 1995-present (camera)

Too many to mention all, includes films with:

Chris Packham, Joe Crowley,  Jon Cuthill.

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